Full size truck recommendations to tow an RV


I am considering full time RVing. I am looking at fifth wheels about 36 foot. I will need a reliable full size truck that has towing capacity to tow it. What is recomended?


Ford guys will recommend Fords
GM guys will recommend GMCs or Chevies
Fiat guys will recommend Dodges

Which ever you may wish to consider a Diesel engine.


you’re looking at a 12,000lb dry weight from what i’ve found so far, probably over 13,000lbs by the time you and water,lp, and your gear so a 3/4 ton Gas v8 would have a high enough rating but the Diesel would probably be happier.

All three brands have a trowing guide on their websites with a range of tow ratings for the different combinations available.


Any of the big three will do as well as a Nissan Titan and the full size Toyota trucks.

But buy one with the “trailering option” which has all the stuff you need for towing.

A friend had a Ford F150 “heavy half” for towing his 5th wheel and it works just fine.

For serious year round towing I would go for a 3/4 ton model F150.


You should consider a 1-ton or 11/2-ton truck for this. A friend tows an RV about this size with a Ford F-350. He wouldn’t use a smaller truck.


I would go with a dually

We have lots of trucks and trailers in our fleet

And there aren’t any 5th wheel trailers in our fleet being towed by anything less than a 3500HD or F-450


Folks who sell RV’s would know, but were I to venture a guess, nothing less than an F350. I drove a 16 foot truck full of furniture powered by an E350 from Denver to San Francisco one time, and it barely noticed the load, even as I went over the Sierra’s. Poster db4690 is an expert truck mechanic, so following that advice is probably the best bet.


For full time use as you stated. You’re going to want a diesel one ton, probably a dually. Loaded up the trailer is going to weigh at least 12k pounds, closer to 14k for some models. With the gas V8’s from the big 3, you’d be right up against the limit (or over it) depending on cab,bed, and axle ratio choices. The diesel will give you a pretty comfortable margin and get better fuel economy while doing so. Forget about the half ton’s if you’re doing this full time. They aren’t made for pulling their max rated trailer weight around full time.


If I was going to RV full time I would buy just enough motorhome to be comfortable in and pull a Smart car behind it.


My thoughts too, except a Mini Cooper.


do you have a truck now?
do you have room for a truck and car and camper?
my neighbor built an addition for his camper. yes, a bit odd