Help me choose a car!



I want a small sporty coupe, but am having trouble finding one that fits the bill. It should 1. be manual 2. coupe or hard top convertible 3. have small backseat - 2+2 feature 4. NOT be silver or red 5. used, but not OLD 6. not a smoker’s car 7. have something unique on it/in it- ie: red leather seats or upgraded stereo or GPS, or cool rims or detailing 8. have less than 32000 miles 9. cost less than 30,000 bucks

See my problem? I thought a much older Porsche 911, or a 2005 Audi TT… anything else fit the bill?


I would suggest a Scion tC, but you seem determined to spend more money.

Nissan 350Z or Infinity G35 Coupe, perhaps?


I’ve looked at the G35…bigger than I had hoped for, and the 350Z has no back seat at all, does it? the Scion looks a little, um…can I say, inexpensive, and conventional? I need UNIQUE, but without going broke on classic car repairs or Porsche insurance…


Mitsubishi 3000GT perhaps? Not sure if/when they stopped making them, but you won’t see yourself around every corner.


One has no back seat, but the other, which does, is too big. Picky, picky, picky.

How about that BMW Z3 GT, or whatever they call it. The one with the MGB-GT rear end on it. Now, that’s UNIQUE. Only problem is the service/repair costs, and some people think it’s ugly.

Honda makes the Accord with a V6 engine, and it’s pretty quick. You can dress one up with all the “bling” you want.

How about the Acura RSX? Nice little coupe, small rear seat, not too big, and pretty quick. Plus, it’s an Acura, so it won’t kill you on maintenance.


Less than 32K miles for a 2+2 under $30K is probably going to limit you to a ricer. )-: Are you firm on the 32K mile criterion? If you will go for higher mileage (or just a two seater, instead of a 2+2) you may have some more interesting choices.

BTW, a TT is not a 2+2. If a two seat TT is OK with you, it’s main competition is the boxster and Z3/Z4 (you should be able to find decent used ones in the $30K range, but they may have more miles than you want). Drive all three and see what you like. That’s about all I can think of in that class, there are other choices if you want to go up or down.


Almost forgot; what about a CLK, is that too big?


How about a brand new Mini Cooper, a fully loaded convertible, or double moon roof one is less then 25K. It is a BMW after all.


Yup, I forgot about the mini too. The “S” has significantly better performance than the standard model.


Do yourself a favor…get the newest BMW 3-series coupe or convertible $30,000 will buy. You will love the driving experience! And you will wonder how you got along without such an intelligently-made car all these years!


great advice, I love the M3 and the 645 Ci


definitely worth looking into-- thanks


the TT coupe has a backseat-- small but functional and helps the insurance, plus the extra kid… I will rethink the mileage, especially if it’s a certified pre-owned. I am not a convertible person- I like my stereo sound and hate my skirt blowing up in my face! I do like the CLK, but what do you think of the Jag XK8?


Those are both nice cars, from your initial post I had the impression you were looking for something much smaller. The 645 is definitely getting big for a sports coupe. If you go shopping for a M3, be sure to have it checked out to make sure it hasn’t been beat up, they tend to be driven “enthusiastically.”