Help...think its time to buy a different car

My Cougar is giving me problems again. so i’m thinking about getting a car. but what? i think i want this in a car:

1. it zips. i like the acceleration of my current 2.5L V6.

2. good handling. like the decent handling of a coupe, but tired of the coupe feeling.

3. decent mpg, at least 25.

4. decent cargo/passenger space. i like hauling a bike or a couple of big boxes every now and then…and leaving those things in there for extended periods of time

5. reasonable maintenance costs. i like the audi a4/a6 avant, but not the bills it can rack up.

6. gotta look cool. hey…don’t want an uncool looking car, right?

You do know that fixing your current car would be cheaper?

I agree that fixing your car would be cheaper. But why mention an Audi and be back here again perhaps with the same complain. Log on to CR on line, subscibe and start looking at models that are reliable, good looking and fill your needs. You can search them by the different needs you have.
That will give you a good start…then expand your search into the commercial testing publications to get more opinions and details. Return to us with more specific models that some of us may have subjective opinions on.
That’s the way I’d proceed.
You always have the right to spend your money and buy a new car for whatever reason you want. But I wouldn’t put reasonable maintenance costs and Audi in the same sentence. Guess I just did.

BMW 3/5-series wagon
Subaru WRX wagon
MB E-Class wagon


How much are you willing to spend? Cars that might fill your needs are an Infiniti G35 or a Nissan Nissan 350Z, depending on whether your coupe comment means you want more access or fewer seats. You can get a bike rack for almost anything. Also let us know whether you want 25 MPG highway, city, or average.

You sound like you could use a small wagon like the Mazda 3. If you can drive stick, the Speed3 would be worth a good look-see. A Scion xD is another choice, I don’t think they’ve been affected by the Toyota recall yet.

I have a friend who is incredibly happy with her Mazda 3Speed.

Agree. Mazda 3 wagon is awesome, as is a Honda Fit.

yep. totally agree. that philosophy only goes so far. fixed the alternator two years ago… twice, cost 3000 bucks. fixed the alternator again last year and replace battery again, cost 2500 bucks. frustration costs: priceless. even though getting a new/different car will cost more, i think my frustration and angst will decrease greatly. thanks. appreciate the reply.

see above post re: cost of fixing my car.

its just hard to start somewhere when you don’t know where to go or what you want. plus, i got jury duty coming up, a stack of paper at work, might have to go out of town next week…blah, blah, blah… but will give CR a shot. thanks.

i was considering the wrx. a friend had CR rating that. said something about the transmission problems. i think bmw and mb maitnenance costs are right up there w/ audi’s, right?

G35…read edmunds review on it. will consider it. 25 would be average. btw, i meant i do not want a coupe. but did like the fact that the rear seats fold down, which most rears seats do now a days.

the 3 and xD look like a beefed/souped up version of the 80’s honda civic hatch back. kinda wanna move away from that look. but since they’re four-door cars, i’ll look at that.

a friend is suggesting that, too. its sort of a “collegy” car, know what i mean?

2010 Nissan Altima

Well, there’s also the Focus wagon and the Vibe/Matrix. Also, I don’t really care for the Fit, they look weirder in person than in pictures.

3 GRAND?! to fix an alternator!?!? It shouldn’t cost much more than 3000 to rebuild the whole darned engine!

Unless your cost figures have an extra zero on the end by mistake, you need to find a new mechanic.

It may miss on your MPG spec, but other than that, how about a Honda Accord Crosstour?