Help, it's sprayed Transmission Fluid again!

Well, I would not be thrilled. I wouldn’t think the adaptive learning would have anything to do with…anything. I’m assuming they didn’t reset it when they did the fluid change. Wouldn’t really be any need too. So it should shift the same as it did when you took it in for the service.

I can’t see it blowing fluid out the vent being a pint overfull. But I may be wrong on that. No real experience with that trans, but generally I’d rather have one very slightly overfilled than under. Make sure you are checking the level correctly. I suppose the dealer will check it too.

Were you able to get any idea where it was leaking from, exactly (vent area, pan, etc)?

Good luck. Kinda sucks having problems when you’re trying to do the maintenance to….avoid problems.

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I can’t see where it’s from. Did not spray out at all yesterday when I tested it. Didn’t leak until about 30mins past the last occurrence spot.

The transmission fluid level must be checked when the fluid is between 206 F and 215 F, are you checking the level when hot?

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Also supposed to be idling in park, correct? I’m not a Ford guy so I’m not certain on that.

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Yes transmission was always hot and on in park.
Today it was 213 in the photo

:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Dealership said that transmission shop had 2 quarts overfilled!
The mad emoji does not even explain how I feel right now!

A blow up of the picture shows the transmission fluid level is too high. Fluid level should be in the “B” area, clearly over-filled.

Technician get paid about one hour of labor to perform a transmission service. After refilling the transmission the vehicle must be driven for 15 minutes to reach operating temperature so the fluid level can be checked. How many mechanics skip that process?

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I’d bet a lot, but cause they think rushing won’t hurt them any. Well now I know who not to go back to. So far the hottest it’s got since the drain is 208. No shifting issues. Appreciate everyone’s help

I completely agree with everyone, it was most likely over filled. Transmission fluid expands dramatically with heat. I never file past the very bottom of the hash marks when cold.

I hope that you are going to show that invoice to the shop that botched your trans service.
If they don’t agree to reimburse you for the added expense, then you might want to contact the Office of Consumer Affairs, which is usually an arm of the state Attorney General’s Office.