Help! I have a 1998 Geo Prizm

A few days ago I went to start my car and nothing happen I saw no dome light so I went and purchased a new battery. I replaced the battery and saw I had a dome light. I went to turn over the car and nothing happened. No sound no nothing, I did notice my radio (( Stock still )) was not able to be turned on… Please if this question has been asked direct me to the proper place, if not please can someone help me.

Did you notice any corrosion on or around the battery post connections? Did you correct it if found? Will the headlights turn on?

The corrosion has been cleaned off before I changed the battery, I tried the head lamps and no they are not turning on…

The Geo Prism is a rebadged Toyota Corolla. Toyota protects the main circuit from the battery with a fusible link right at the battery connection. These can fail in older cars. Check the voltage at the battery terminals and at the alternator lug. If no battery voltage at the alternator, the fusible link is highly suspect.

Here are the fuses.

You cleaned battery terminal contacts, now you need to clean starter and body contacts(n engine too).Even wire ends at the battery need to be seperated and cleaned. Don’t breathe any of the dust and wash your hands directly after.Reconnect all wires, other connections at the starter and the engine ground need to be cleaned or at least looked at.(if they look clean they’re not suspect,no dirt or rust)and should be tight.