1995 Geo Prizm

I have a 1195 Geo Prizm and it wont start in the morning. The battery and the alternator have been checked and are said to be fine. It will run after being jumped, but it seems that something is draining the battery. Everynight it seems to be running fine but in the morning it woont start. Do you have any idea what it may be?

Is there no electricity to any of the accessories in the morning? Do the radio, lights, etc. also not work, indicating a dead battery?

You may have what’s called a “parasitic drain”. That’s something drawing current overnight. Often that’ll be a dome light, a trunk light, or soemthing else left on. A shop can connect a multimeter, check each of the circuits, and find out what’s draining tha battery. But instead of telling them what to check, describe your symptoms, tell them what’s already been done, and let them find the drain.

One thing you can do to isolate it is to disconnect the battery at night. When you reconnect it in the morning, if it starts you know you have a drain on the battery. If it doesn’t start you know you have a bad battery. Wouldn’t be the first time they said the battery was good but was shot.

If you find that you have a drain, you’ll need a test light to find what circuit the problem is in. You hook the light up between the terminal and cable, then pull each fuse one at a time until the light goes out or dims. Then you look at all of the devices on that circuit to try and find the problem. Glove box or trunk lights on, gum wrapper in the cig lighter, etc.