1995 Geo Prizm battery light stays on

I have changed the battery, pulled the alternator and had it checked. It passed. I have ran it with the head lights on and the heater going for about 30 minutes, turned off the car and it started right up. Why does this light stay on?

Take a quick look at the charge circuit wiring diagram. Is there a fuse in the circuit?

My last charging problem was as simple as replacing the fuse for the “exciter circuit”. The new fuse did not blow, so problem solved.

If I had a 95 Prizm I would have the wiring diagrams for it & could tell you if you if you have this fuse or fuse link.

But, i dont have a 95 Prizm.

You can also look at the fuse list in your owners manual. Are there any fuses related to the charging ciruit?