Fuel Pump doesn't prime

130000 miles, awd
2008 Ford Edge

The vehicle was in park and I pressed the gas quickly almost to the floor and the engine died immediately. Fuel pump doesn’t prime now.

I checked fuses and relays, replaced relay.
I checked the fuel reset button
I disconnected the battery
I replaced the fuel pump

Fuel pump still doesn’t prime.

No codes are being thrown.

Fuel filter is “lifetime” and in-tank from what I’ve seen.

You should get it towed to the nearest independant garage to have the pump tested. This is not something I would replace myself because you need to drain and drop the tank.Also,the fuel pump pressure sensor could be causing your symptoms but you have to lower the tank a bit to access it.In either case,you need a lift to replace them.

Meaning the pump doesn’t run when you turn the key to ON but not yet to the CRANK position? No “hum”?

Doesn’t need tested. It’s new. As stated.
I replaced it. As stated.
The tank did not require removal. It’s a drop in through the top of the tank, through the rear floor board. Did not need a lift.

There’s no pressure because it doesn’t prime. As stated.

Thanks tho.

Yes, I used the word correctly. Thanks for the car help, though.

I hate message boards.

I figured it out.

It was either the mini diode or inertia switch. Both were replaced at the same time and it runs now.

The pump did not fail to prime, it failed to run. You used the word prime incorrectly. If it failed to prime, the pump would run but not pump fuel.

Glad you fixed the problem.