Help...Car not stopping as it should

95 Grand Am with 140000 miles. When the brake pedal is pushed, it stops about half way down with little or no effect on braking no matter how hard I push the pedal. I have checked to make sure I have vacuum to the booster. When this problem first presented itself, I replaced the rear drums and shoes. I also rebuilt the left wheel cylinder. I have bled the system according to the specs. Anyone have any ideas? I’m about ready to push it off a cliff!!

Assuming you have bled the system correctly (all four wheels), the likely culprit is the master cylinder. You may have brake fluid leaking past the seals.

Does this vehicle have ABS?


Yes it has ABS

Prior to bleeding the system, did you turn the igntion switch on and off three times to send the control valves to their home positions in the ABS pump? And did you pressure bleed the system or pump the brake pedal to bleed the system?


No I didn’t cycle the ignition. I hadn’t heard of that. I bled by pumping the brake pedal.