Help Buying Used Transmissions

I am in the market for a used transmission for a 1999 Ford Explorer 6-cyl. Automatic 4.0 SOHC.

There are hundreds of sites that help you find a transmission

(searchparts, millenium transmissions, etc.)

I was wondering what personal experience and/or companies you could recommend to me.

Thank you.

I get my used transmissions/engines from a recycling yard that I have worked with for years. So I know I’m not getting junk when I order one up from them.

All I can suggest is ask how long the warranty is for the used transmission, and remove the pan and inspect the transmission for debris. This alone will indicate if it’s worth installing the used transmission. Who knows? You may get lucky find a used transmission out of a vehicle where the owner actually maintained the transmission fluid while they owned the vehicle.


I agree with Tester. A reputable recycler will have the mileage painted on the tranny. This is no guarantee of a perfect transmission but 35K is better that 175K.

You may have missed a point that tester hit on and is important when dealing.

Buy local, face to face. Not ‘mail order’ if you can help it.

Dealing with issues such as warranty, wrong fit, additional parts, core return etc is so much easier from a local place.

A Ford reman is $ 2500.00, 3 year, 100k warranty.

4.0 DOHC? Are you sure about that? V6 or I-6…

S= Single
D= Double

VIN code E (That’s ther letter between D and F.) on a '99 Explorer would indicate a Single Over Head Cam V-6.