Help, burned part inside engine bay of new toyota!

Got it, I will keep that in mind when I talk to the mechanic.

I agree… glad I randomly checked. That taught me, I will be checking my engine bay and all around my car more often.

I hope you mean the dealer service department, service manager and maybe even email and call Toyota headquarters in what ever country you are in…

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Batteries are covered under a separate battery warranty but yeah they should just replace it. Whether they will clean up the corrosion is another matter. But boil some water with baking soda in it and pour it over the areas in question. That will neutralize it and clean the area. Every car has a battery, new or old. This was routine maintenance in the past.

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The battery is covered by the 3 year/36,000 mile basic new car warranty, unless damaged.

There is no separate warranty, some manufactures pro-rate original equipment batteries, Toyota does not.

Coke-Cola will do the same thing.

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But don’t do anything until the dealer sees it.


Hey everyone, I’m back from the dealership. they serviced my Rav 4 (and offered me a rental Highlander platinum 2023 very nice with no cost) here is a picture of the area.
They didn’t charge me but I am really disappointed. My engine block looks messy and as soon as I started driving my rav4 I right away noticed the car was way louder when I accelerate. It’s almost like the air filter is loose or something it comes from the engine bay and not the muffler from what I can tell. I will bring it back tomorrow, they were closing as I was getting back my rav4.

Great advice, they couldn’t stress enough that if they determined that the cause was outside sourced, the repair would be charged to me.

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Following up on the loud noise. The correction was: Found duct to air filter housing disconnected. put duck in housing confirmed repair. The problem was fixed. I’m disappointed because at the end of the day, my new car value really decreased but at least my car is up and running. And if any trouble occurs in the future we got that documented. Thank you, everyone, for your attention and help! It was my first experience on that forum and I loved it! I will definitely stay around and learn!

I doubt that your car value decreased. If the air duct connection didn’t completely solve the noise problem they might not have put an engine cowl back on. The photo below shows the cowl (says D-CAT on it).

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A couple of things:
What did the written report state was the cause of the melted part in your original post.
I must say I am surprised the dealership provided you a vehicle to drive for something that could be done while you were in the customer lounge drinking coffee and eating donuts.
Too late now, but since you appear to drive less than 3000 miles per year, did you really need a car?
For future visits, pick the car up earlier in the day, do not leave the lot if car is not satisfactory.


Hi there! So the report stated : Inspected battery. leaking from top of battery case. acid meltd harness clip. removed batter tray and disconnected tansaxle harness connector. all other wiring looked intact. I’m assuming the service department was pretty busy so they offered me a rental free of charge for the day (i dropped my vehicule off at 7am and picked it up at 6pm, it is a little long for something this small but it is a very busy dealership)
Also, I do need a car! I love going on trips, camping and I use my car to commute to work or other regular activities. Unfortunately, I was hit by a car while taking my dog out last December and from it resulted in a broken arm and an open fracture on my leg I’ve had multiple surgeries over the months, my last one dated in April and I got my vehicle in March. Reason why I don’t drive as often as I would, but I assure you that a car is vital for me, especially since I’ve immigrated from France and I have no family to drive me around and my partner does not have a driver’s license. Also, when I noticed the problem the dealership was closing. Their service department closes at 6. That’s for the context but I think we’re drifting from the original topic! Good day to you!

After that second trip to the dealership, everything seems to be back in order!


Just a heads up. My older Corolla developed a similar battery leak problem. Very small leak, I didn’t notice it. The battery acid slowly leaked deep down into the + wiring harness, eventually reaching a splice, which it then dissolved and disconnected an important wire. The result was the alternator could no longer charge the battery, alternator warning light turned on. It was a very big job for me to take the wiring harness apart to find where the problem was. Then it was another big job to re-solder the two wires together, thick wires are very hard to solder.

Suggest to not let this fester. Ask shop to immediately remove the leaking battery. Rinse the affected area with water, followed by some baking soda to neutralize any remaining acid, before installing the replacement battery.

See above. Job done. Car returned to op. Hey, at least he or she looked under the hood.