Help, burned part inside engine bay of new toyota!

hey, i need your help guys,
5 months ago I bought a Rav 4 gas model xle premium, everything was fine until yesterday when I opened the engine bay and saw a little piece of plastic that was burned with some white dry wet spots and corrosion next to the battery, I wouldn’t really be worried except its a new car with only 1000 on the odo. I contacted the dealership to schedule a check but they want to charge me 120 for the inspection and I feel like it’s not fair, I paid for their extra warranty covering everything that wouldn’t be due to wear. here is pictures, now keep in mind, i only drive on the road and the weather was dry for the last 5 months, with only 1000 on the odo is it normal ? thank you guys for any help.

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It’s located right under the positive red cap of my battery. notice the corrosion on the bolt. you can slightly see the burned little piece of plastic also.

That is battery acid damage, lift the red cap from the battery terminal and inspect.

You may have confused them by saying you have an extended warranty, that wouldn’t apply until the factory warranty expires. They might think you have an older vehicle that is out of warranty, a diagnostic fee applies to vehicles out of warranty.

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Fire in a brand new car? 100% warranty claim, seems to me. No charge should apply.


This is one reason I stress to others the importance of routinely cleaning your battery terminals and if the battery isn’t sealed you need to get one that is.

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thank you kind friend! ill go check that right away.

I did specify that it was a recent model, 120 just seemed a little excessive, I told them i was gonna get that checked by them for my 6-month inspection.

What year?

thank you for the advice, this makes sense, this is my first 4-wheel vehicle and I went for Toyota thinking I wouldn’t have to worry too much about maintenance since I know nothing about it, I’m a motorcycle gent.

2023 rav 4 gas, ill be right back, im going to check under the red cap

There is no need to check the battery terminals on a 6 month old vehicle. Something is wrong.

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Just checked under the red cap, it seems to be fine but there seems to be some kind of spilling.

battery acid damage. that’s definitely what it seems to be, I took a better picture of deep under the battery and it does not look nice. it’s still “wet” I haven’t driven in 24 hours and no rain in weeks.

There must be a leak from the side of that battery, acid is leaking from somewhere. This must be corrected asap.


I wonder if that battery was dropped.


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I did some research on the internet, it does seem to be rare, especially for a new vehicle, and dangerous. ill contact Toyota again and see what they say, I couldn’t have figured it out without you guys, I’m thankful, I will update you on the mater. That was not what I was expecting when I bought a new Toyota.

Good eye! it seems so!

Naysayers say “one doesn’t need to check the battery” YW Ravioli4

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I’m scheduled first thing tomorrow at the Toyota dealership. Do you think a replacement of the battery will suffice? won’t the acid spilled in the engine bay be an issue for the futur? I’ll keep you gentlemens updated on the matter, you guys might have saved my life who knows! I know what ill be riding while they keep my vehicle ahah ! Good day / afternoon to all of you who answered my post.
Screenshot 2023-07-10 180308

They should replace the battery if necessary and clean it out, looking for any damage as they do it.

It’s unreasonable to expect the owner of a brand new car is going to inspect the battery for leaks or corrosion.


Yeah that battery is leaking and with only 1,000 miles on the vehicle, they also need to replace all the affected parts, such as the bolts, the transmission range selector (I think), any wiring etc as Sulfuric acid is very corrosive and you bought a new vehicle that now has used car issues… At least take and keep a lot of pictures, the mileage and make sure the dealer notates any and all damage with the possibility of any unforeseen/future damage(s)…