HELP! ANY ADVICE? 1999Toy 4Runner will not start, clicking sound... all starting system seems good

I have a 99 Toyota 4Runner Limited and instead of starting it makes a clicking sound. The battery is fine tested Good. I changed the starter and starter relay. The alternator is good. I check the battery, battery cables all clean and tight. It still does not start. it clicks.
Do I have it towed to the dealer? Could it be something else? Immobilizer??? Help please.I don’t know what else it could be…

How do you know the battery is fine?
How do you know the alternator is good?
Why did you replace the starter?

What engine, transmission and how many miles on it?

I tested and also had the battery tested.
I tested the alternator and also had it tested.
I replaced the starter because I tested the starter and solenoid was bad. I replace the whole thing last time replaced was 6 years ago so I just replace the whole thing.

It has a V-6 3.4 Automatic mileage 225, 463
usually runs like a top

I stopped for gas and when i went to start nothing… It can Jump Start

You don’t say that these things were tested after the truck refused to start.

Check battery voltage at the battery and at the end of the positive cable at the starter. You should see 12.4 or so at each point. Check resistance from battery negative post to bare metal on the engine. You should see essentially 0 ohms.

Try to start it while reading the battery voltage. If it drops below about 9 volts, have the battery load tested. If it is OK, the starter may be locked up or… the engine may be locked up. Try to turn it with a breaker bar on the dampener. Test the voltage at the low side of the starter solenoid while turing the key to start. You should see over 9 volts there, too.

If there is no voltage at the solenoid low side, check the start relay in the fuse box. Swap it with a similar one nearby.

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Also, some people stick a multimeter on an idle battery and think it’s tested. Batteries can read a good voltage when they aren’t being used, and then fail under load. So tell us how the battery was tested.


yeah they were after…
both + cable ends 12.4 and solenoid also all test about 10.8-11.2 when starting
0 at negative.
engine not locked
Starter turns when trying to start.
Changed out Starter Relay with New…

The Truck can be jump started fine.

Could it be the immobilizer???

battery tested good 12.4 on and off car

That suggests the battery doesn’t have enough power to start the engine.


battery tested good 12.4 on and off car

You need to have the battery tested with a tester, not a voltmeter.
The fact that it starts with a jump makes me think the battery is weak.


Which is it?

it was tested with a battery tester

it is both. it only ckicks but when undercar it does turn

i really am at a loss…

When the battery was tested, were they able to measure cranking amps and cold cranking amps?


How old is the battery?

You’ve said that a lot.

This is a battery tester:

This is also a battery tester:

If whatever they tested your battery with looked more like the first image than the second, they didn’t test it right and you don’t know how the battery is performing.

I have both. I tested with pic 1 first then tested with pic 2

All connections I tested with pic 1

maybe 6 months

If it starts with a jump why not go to a battery shop and let them determine if the battery is the problem ?