Help! 1988 PONTIAC 6000

I was trying to fix the brake lights, the car was running and i pulled the ‘‘gauges’’ fuse and the car died. I replaced the fuse and it did not start. There is no power to ANYTHING in the cabin no matter what position the key is at. No door chime, dome lamp ect. I tried checking the gauges fuse and all others i could find to see if maybe i shorted something but still no luck. Any ideas???

Well, I think you need to get out your multimeter or test light and start following wires. Main power comes in to the car via the starter’s positive terminal, so make sure that you have power down to there.

Does it crank when you turn the key to Start? Will it run? You’re absolutely sure that you’ve got the new Gauges fuse in the right place on the fuse panel?

It honestly sounds like a fusible link burned but wow, I don’t know why that’d come as a result of yanking that fuse. You’re probably going to have to dig in to the main power harness that’s coming off of the starter and probe to see if power is making it in to the fuse panel. That’s not going to be a very fun task…

no theres nothing when the key is turned. yea the fuse is in the right spot…i guess ill start testing wires!!

I agree that the fusible link is a good starting place.

The link will look like a regular wire coming off the + battery terminal to a fuse/relay box. When one burns it typically causes the insulation to bubble, which is the only sign that it’s fried.

If this does turn out to be the problem, be sure you get the correct fusible link for your vehicle. They do vary in their current carrying capacity and you do not want to overspec that. It’s protecting the rest of your circuitry.