66 tbird not getting any power at all

im trying to figure out y my 1966 ford thunderbird wont get any power, not even the lights will come on. i tried jumping, charging, still nothing. i un plugged the brakes lights about six months ago and just put it bake together but now the car is not gettin power. it used to start, but some times it didnt do anything i thought it was the steering wheel becouse its a slide away, but not that. i have new wires on there neg and positive, im going to try and clean the contack points and c if that helps.

If you are familiar with a multimeter, start chasing wires and you’ll find where the power is going.

There may be a bad wire connection or fusible link in the main power lead from the battery. Locate the wire that supplies power from the battery to the main fuse panel and check for a broken connection.

To expand on Cougar’s post, you will find a small wire coming from the Solenoid post that is very flexible. This wire has thick insulation but the conductor is very thin. This is a fusible link and chances are that the conductor has melted somewhere in the middle.

If I recall right, I had a 66 Ford once, this wire was green. Its been a long time so I could be wrong on the color. The wire should come off the sam post as the wire from the battery goes to. The solenoid is the little square box on the inner fender, not on the starter as common with most other cars.

The heavy positive (+) battery cable goes to the starter solenoid mounted on the inner fender. Also mounted on that lug is the main power-feed wire to the fuse block which is inside the car. That wire may be a fusible link and it will be fairly heavy. Check for continuity in that wire. ALSO, be sure the chassis is grounded to the negative (-) post of the battery, either directly from the battery or a ground strap grounding the engine to the chassis. If nothing else, the headlights should work as that circuit is hot all the time…40 year old automotive wiring has ZERO reliability…