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Helicopter ound coming from front of car

I have a 2012 Hyundai Accent that’s been making a strange noise from what sounds like the front of the car. It makes it more when accelerating, but I also hear it when braking.

Here’s a video of the sound. This was recorded in the driver’s side foot well. The noise increases in frequency when accelerating. Around :32 seconds you can hear what it sounds like when braking.

Does it have a strong correlation with the vehicle speed?
If YES, likely it is a wheel bearing.
If you have some cloverleaf next to you - listen for that sound in left and right curve.
The one where sound increases for the outer wheel will point to the bearing failing.

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I’m thinking brake related symptoms or those of a worn wheel bearing.
When was the last time this vehicle had brake maintenance done?

Wheel bearing test:
Try driving straight ahead in a place where you can make curves to the right and curves to the left (no braking) on a winding road (fairly small radius) and without touching the brakes see if the noise gets louder/quieter in one direction or the other. Louder turning right or left? Much quieter turning right or left?

Report back here with test results, please be careful and safe, staying within posted speed limits, and cognizant of other vehicles and drive safely.

Good idea to check whether this noise occurs when rev’ing the engine in neutral, in the driveway. If it does, that’s probably some sort of engine problem. I’ve heard a similar sound on my Corolla, due to the plastic bottle that holds the windshield washer coming loose and interfering with the alternator belt. Similarly on my truck, a broken water pump caused the engine fan to interfere with the radiator support.

It goes away when turning to the right. So maybe it’s the right front wheel bearing?

most likely yes.

do not delay repair as if wheel bearing happens to lock up when driving, you have a chance to get vehicle out of control

Now that you know it’s likely a wheel bearing, an experienced mechanic should be able to lift the car and check for play and noise to confirm this. It should be confirmed/diagnosed instead of just blindly proceeding with replacement.

Wheel bearings do wear out and need replacement occasionally. It’s not unheard of for some vehicles going 100,000 miles on these bearings, but sometimes wear out sooner. Each wheel has a wheel bearing and we ask a lot from them. The whole vehicle and everything in it is supported by the 4 bearings and the car actually rolls down the road on them.

To give you an idea of cost, you can google this question and find a site that allows you to enter information about your location and about your vehicle. Also, you can call a shop or two and inquire.