2006hyundai accent humming noise in front end while driving

my 2006 hyundai accent makes a humming noise while driving. it gets louder the faster i accelerate. I have checked the wheel bearing but they appear to be fine. i jacked the car up and tested the wheel by pulling and pushing back and forth at the 12 oclock position and etc. no give in either wheel. i also held the spring and spun both wheels with no vibration. I also rotated tires back to front. when i did this noise seemed to be lower.But still there. I did hit a fallen sign on the highway going 70 mph. i m wondering if this may have damaged my tires or if it still could be wheel bearing. and,thiere is no vibration in steering wheel or while dfriving.just annoying humming.Any ideas???

A change in the volume/pitch of the noise when the steering wheel is turned off-center (i.e. changing lanes) would indicate a bad wheel bearing. If it was my car I would take it to my local mechanic to be checked out for suspension/tire damage.

Ed B.