Heistation, how to fix?

So, searching the forum reveals that people believe that all gas at the pumps has sufficient engine conditioning things to make all after market products such as cleaners useless. Also, you can’t really change your driving habits as you are subjected to the collective will of the other drivers regardless of the law.

So if your car is hesitating and you suspect your gas mileage is suffering, what can | should you do to maintain your engine? What can you do to optimize your engine to get better fuel efficiency?

First, be sure that your car’s maintenance is up to date with items such as spark plugs, fuel filter, and air filter. If those parts have been replaced recently, then I would suggest that you clean the throttle body. The throttle body is frequently the source of problems like hesitation.

Do you think that water in the gas could be a problem here? What about spark plug wires, could those be a factor?

How does one clean the throttle body? Can it be done by the person? In fact, what does the throttle body do?