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Engine hesitations

My 2004 VW Golf occasionally “hiccups” when shifting (automatically) from 2nd into 3rd gear. This started after my owning it for 2 years. The VW dealer said fuel additives don’t help, that it’s likely with my mostly local driving; carbon buildup is the problem. They say I have to drive the car at high speed for many miles regularly to burn it off.

I try to drive at 65 or over once a week for about 10-12 miles to burn it off. Is that enough? I’ve started revving the engine while in the garage, to between 4K-5K RPMs after putting it in neutral.

Is there a fuel additive that stops the hesitations (almost like a burro is kicking the back of the car)? Or another way to solve the problem?

Is there a brand of gas that would solve this?

“I’ve started revving the engine while in the garage, to between 4K-5K RPMs after putting it in neutral.”

If you are doing this before the engine is fully warmed-up, you are going to have problems much more significant than hesitation. I suggest that you stop doing this.

Anyway, if the fuel filter in your 5 year old car has never been changed, I would strongly suggest that you change it. If this is still the original fuel filter, it is possible that you may have worn out the fuel pump by making it push gasoline through a partially-clogged filter, but try changing the fuel filter first before you plunge into a possible fuel pump issue.

No, I rev only after having driven the car and the engine is warmed-up. I’ll check with VW about changing the fuel filter…in my regular maintenance checkups, I see only that they changed the oil and filter (supposedly the oil filter?) Is changing the fuel filter something they should have done in regular checkups? I have only a little over 17K miles on the car; bought it in Nov. 2004.



P.S. VW said I shouldn’t be getting BP gas because they cut in half the chemicals that clean the gasoline; that Chevron and Shell have the full formula. Yes?

Buy the shell or Chevron. Fifteen miles out and 15 miles back is enough to clean the plugs. Twelve total is almost enough.