98 jeep cherokee


My car will start to stall out for no aparent reason going from 50 mph to 25 mph.

There seems to be no link between wheather conditions.I have replaced ignition wires, plugs, cap., rotor, fuel pump and crank position sensor. I have also used a gas cleaner for water in the tank.

Help my wife loves this car it is a 4 liter manual.

What next?


When you take your foot off the gas pedal, where does the throttle plate go? Doesn’t it go to the idle position in the throttle body (I don’t mean idle rpm)?
Use a carb/throttle body cleaner to clean the inside of the throttle bore and the throttle plate. Results?


Did you check for codes? And check the sensors and controls around the throttle area, along with the throttle body itself.


You might try cleaning the EGR valve. It may be blocked with some carbon buildup and staying open when it shouldn’t be.