Heide can sure shake a hose

I have been shaking gas out of the hose since the price went up above $3 a gallon. Not sure how much you get but it makes me feel better. But for your information when I was a young man, about 25 years ago, I ran out of gas and coasted into a filling station. The station was closed and the pumps were off, so being a bright, desperate, poor young man, I decided to shake the hoses out into my gas can. If you still remember, at the time most stations had long looping hoses that hung and trailed on the ground. As you can now guess I managed to shake out quite a bit of gas from the 4 or so hoses. It was enough to poor into the tank, get my VW bus to start, and drive all the way to the next station. So I’m on Heide’s side! Signed Brogar