Gas pumps

I heard a question about gasoline still in

the hose a few weeks ago. Back in the 60s

when I was riding motorcycles, and a good

bit poorer, we used to “milk” the gas pump

hoses to partially fill our tanks. In effect, the way they were then, you were

actually stealing a little bit of gasoline

from the next user. And, back then, I doubt it came to as much as a quarter, at


You have every right to “milk” the gas hose, but I doubt you will get much out of it.

One place this really worked was a guy employed at a distillery that made private brand whiskey. He had to load the tanker trucks and emptied the last bit into his large thermos every day. It kept him in free booze for years.

I don’t see a question here but… anything after the pump, i.e. gas in the hose is yours, you paid for it.