'09 Hyundai Accent Shaking

A couple months ago, my wife’s car started shaking while idle. The first place we brought it to told us it was a misfire in one of the cylinders so they replaced the corresponding spark plug and mentioned that we should replace the motor mounts soon.

We did not schedule the motor mount replacement then and there because of how expense it would be so we had to go home and figure out how to budget it. Less than a week later, the car is shaking again but we decide to take it to another, closer mechanic. They said it was misfiring again and changed all the spark plugs, and when we asked about the motor mounts, they said those were fine.

This brings us to today. Wife starts her car and it is shaking up a storm. Before we take it back, I was wondering if anyone here may have encountered something similar and can give some insight before we bring it in again.

Is it normal to have to change spark plugs so soon after getting new ones? Maybe if the first place didn’t properly check the misfirings?

Car has just crossed the 100k threshold as well.

Sounds like your mechanics dont know what they are doing , if it’s still a issue it sounds like you may have 1 or more coil packs that have gone bad . No you should not have to replace the sparkplugs again if they actually did replace them before .