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Heating problems

I have a 2000 Grand Prix GTP. When I turn the heat on, the passenger side is ice cold but the driverside is warm, not hot, just warm. Any suggestions?

Have the cooling system flushed and bled by a shop.
There is most likely an air pocket in the heater core.


Have you checked your coolant/antifreeze level? Do that immediately.

Have a look at the temp gauge. Does it warm up to the same place it always has? If not you might have a stuck open thermostat (which is far preferable to stuck closed).

If none of those apply then you probably just need a shop to evaluate. You may have a plugged up heater core and/or a problem with the air control doors in the interior ductwork.

Thank you.

Thank you.

“problem with the air control doors in the interior ductwork.”

My MIL’s '04 Impala had that problem. I had to replace the motor that opens the air door on the driver’s side. It was kind of hard to get out, but the part was only about $30, IIRC.