Heating & cooling

So my 03 Altima (152k) temp gauge reads right where it should ,but I’ve been noticing that the only time I get hot or warm air from vents is when the car is being driven under load (like freeway) as soon as im at a stop the air slowly turns cooler then cold. I also hear what sounds to me like gurgling or like a sink sounds when you pull the drain coming from behind dash or floorboard on passenger side. havent lost any coolant or needed to add. any ideas?

Low coolant level, you have a leak someplace.


have you actually checked the radiator, or just the overflow? (Note when checking the radiator, do not open the radiator cap unless the engine is COLD)

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At the very minimm, your cooling system needs to have the air bled out. If it returns, you need to find out why.

The temp gauge doesn’t move at all when you’re stopped?

No it does not.

Thats kinda what I was thinking. So how do you purge the air from the system? I know with an older american vehicle you could park with the nose of the car pointed uphill & all the air would come to the top of radiator. Not sure how to do that with a closed system.

yes I’ve checked both


Thank you,gonna order one now.

Parts stores have them.


Thank you.

So it was kinda strange,3-4 weeks ago I was putting the car on jack stands to change a motor mount, as the car got higher on the floor jack it started leaking water out of the water pump housing. I finished the motor mount & lowered the car drove a short distance & the leaking had stopped,however I had no heat coming from my heater. So I changed both thermostats & everything was great…for about 4 days. Then I start seeing coolant under the car every morning so I replaced the pump but again wasnt getting any heat. I believe I had/have air trapped in the system.