Heater leaking antifreeze under hood

Where would it be leaking?
From solenoid valve or heater coil?
Lose 1 liter a week

The heater core is under the dash.


Please tell us what you got

model year

2004 Nissan Quest
Leaking from right side of solenoid valve.
Should I replace valve or fix gasket?


What is this solenoid valve?

Does it control coolant flow to the heater?

If the solenoid is leaking, I would just replace it.

Are you even sure that the gasket is even available?

Do you feel comfortable taking apart the solenoid?

attached to upper firewall.
Left side holds wire harness, right side attaches a hos. Behind is another hose.
This item is leaking coolant.
Not sure of name for this part.
In the shape of 2 cylinders, between them seems to be a gasket.

You may be looking at the auxiliary pump for the rear heater. Replace the pump if it is leaking.


cant seem to find part anywhere.
What is part name?