heater core leaking on 1997 Nissan pickup xe 2.4liter auto is there anyway to remove heater core without taking out dash.

According to the Ehow website, the dash does not need to be removed. Rather than my copying their article, allow me to suggest you visit their site with your question.

I agree.

It might be easier to remove the dash, but it doesn’t have to be removed. You might have to remove the AC evaporator though and if you do, that means pumping down the AC, new seals and recharge when done.

The heater is located in the center of the dash, just above the hump, the AC evaporator is just to the right of it, on the passenger side.

Before you go to all the trouble of doing this, are you absolutely sure the heater core is leaking? Are you loosing coolant? Do you see coolant on the floor of the truck? Even if both of those answers are yes, first check that it isn’t a leaking heater hose where the coolant drips out from under the hose connection and then follows the hose barb into the heater box and drips from there. It would be a bummer if all got it all apart and then discovered that it was just a hose connection that was leaking.

I just looked at the website

That is really vague and generic information. And there aren’t even any pictures

Not much better than having no information at all

I could have sworn I saw a video when I visited there.

Try googling the instructions.


I believe you, but I’m not going back to that website, because it didn’t really speak to me

Speaking of google, I use google all the time to find car repair solutions. If the vehicle is pretty common, and it’s older, there’s a good chance somebody has already ran into the same situation and has posted some good information, including lots of pictures