Heater fan speed in a 2000 Jeep Cherokee

I only have the high speed working for the heater. Is the fan speed control located in the switch assembly or is there a relay or resistance pack located somewhere else and if so where is it located.

There are two things that can cause this problem. Either the blower motor high speed relay has failed or the blower motor resistor module has failed.

The high speed blower relay switches the voltage either thru the resistor module for all the lower speeds, or applies the voltage directly to the blower motor for the high speed.

The relay is located in the fuse/relay box under the hood, and the resistor module is located in the heater box next to the blower motor. The glove box may require removal to gain access the the resistor module.


I copied your title and pasted for a google search and read something about the switches are faulty in that they arent built to handle the voltage they need to…something to that effect

it’s pretty common on Chrysler products for a failed blower resistor. It seems they don’t get enough airflow to them I believe is the cause. Realisticly speaking though, it needs diagnosed so you aren’t just throwing money at it. If you would like to diagnose it yourself, we can help.

Thanks for the help. I will try switching the relay just so I can eliminate that as the problem. Is access to the resistor pack from the inside of the car or the engine compartment?