1997 jeep cherokee a/c and heater blower

interior fan blows only on speed 1 or 4 . i was told posible relay problem , where are relays on 1997 cherokee , not grand .

The relay is ok since some speeds work, it supplies power for all the speeds. The trouble is either with the speed resistors (most likely problem) or the speed selector switch. The resistors are in the vent ducting. Follow the wires from the blower motor and they will lead you to the plate with the resistors mounted on it inside the duct.

Typically the resistors are wired so the lowest speed uses its resistor and all the ones for the higher speed, the second lower speed uses one fewer etc. In this scheme, it is impossible to lose intermediate speeds and keep the lowest ones if a resistor burns out. I would be looking at the connectors and the control switch.

thank you , now that i think about it , had prob of only # 3 not working , then had evap replaced , 3 worked a couple days off and on then 2 and 3 out , so either switch or connector maybe , hope so anyway have a hard time getting head under dash . Better if i can get the cover off . does center section pop out or ??? anyway i thank you for your advice , let me know if you need plumbing advice been in that field bout 30 years

thanks also both post appreciated

thanks for both post , certainly have me going in right direction , just hope i can get center section of dash loose to access switch and connector just to check 1st , cant get big head under dash !