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I have a 1996 Park Avenue that only expels air from the windshield vents regardless of the dashboard setting. I took it to my dealer and after he checked it out ($80)I was told that it needs a new computer chip to the tune of $1200. Is this chip platinum gold? Any suggestions?

Yep, never go to the dealership for repairs unless the repair is covered under warranty. All those mechanics are are parts replacers anyway.

Go to a different shop and get a second opinion. Also, $80 for a diagnosis is pretty steep.

I agree that you need to have another shop check your car. The likelihood is that you need a new servo motor for the HVAC system or perhaps you only need to have a vacuum line repaired. Either of these scenarios could result in a repair bill that is…perhaps $1100. less than the quote from the dealership.

You guys were right on! I took the car to a local mechanic and after some searching he found a damaged vacuum hose. Total cost $84. I wasn’t savy enough to dispute the initial $1200 cost cited by the dealer so you guys made my day. Thanks

Please go back to the dealership and let them know what the REAL problem and solution was, and that you won’t be utilizing their services again. I would.