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Heater Core Leaking

I have a 89 ford mustang with 4 cylinder. After being stored for the winter I noticed anti-freeze leaking from drain tube below heater core (small amount).

I am not looking forward to replacing the heater core in this car!

Does anyone know if there is a reason this happened after the car sitting in storage all winter??? or just a coincidence??

Before commenting on cause I ask that you confirm your diagnosis with a cooling system pressure check. My policy is to look at all conclusions the public has come to concerning their cars with a "show me’ attitude. Better men than you and me have made an incorrect diagnosis.

good point.

Do you always store it for the winter? You can bypass the heater core if you don’t need the heater.

If the core is really leaking then I’d say that it’s because of 23 years of age and it’s had a good lifespan. Rot happens.

Perhaps because the car sits in storage for 6 months a year and the antifreeze just settles in the core and thus finally rotted it out???

What was the coldest temperature the car was exposed to? What temp is your anti-freeze good for? Maybe it froze and expanded.

I will check the antifreeze concentration but I don’t think that is it. The car was in a somewhat heated garage all winter and there were no other leaks due to frezing, but I will check the concentration level of the a/f