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92 Ford Ranger 4X4 SLT SuperCab

First owner of vehicle. Six years ago I purchase another car & used the truck as a backup. 8 months ago the seal on the transmission pump gave out and its been sitting ever sense as I dont have the finances to repair it right now. I have been starting the truck up once in awhile just to keep the motor going. I live in St Louis and we had severe snow storm in the last couple weeks. Past 2 days the weather has warmed up so I decided to try the truck, it started up however as I was letting it warm up I discovered that the passenger side was filling up with anti-freeze, which I believe that is from the heater core. Does this mean I have to replace that now, or could I try and have it flushed, since the truck has been sitting for so long I thought it may be just clogged.

If there’s coolant on the passenger side floor the heater core is shot and requires replacement. In the mean time what you can do is disconnect the heater hoses at the firewall and connect them together with the proper size barbed hose coupler and a couple of hose clamps. That way you can still run the engine without filling up the floor with coolant.


Would you have any idea on how much a new core would cost? I know its located behind the glove box, my private mechanic has the exact same truck and his went out couple months ago… thanks for the idea of couping the hoses together, will look into that since I want to keep this truck.