Heater blower

heat is felt after truck is running for a while but blower doesn’t blow out the heat, any suggestions?

Repair The Blower Or At Least Let Us Know What The Model-Year Is For Better Suggestions.


2004 Dodge Dakota

I Tried, But Didn’t Find Any Problems Specific To That Make, Model, Model-Year. Have You Checked Fuses, Especially The One For The HVAC Blower ?


Does the motor happen to work on just high speed ?
– resistor –
Do you hear the motor going but feel no air ?
– blend door stuck closed , or fan wheel off of shaft –
No motor at all ?
– fuse, wires, plugs, switch – or a new motor.

Test the motor with jumper wires you make. Unplug harness from motor and apply 12v live jumper to the motor. If good, you’ll get high speed. ( the resistor is what gives you all the slower speeds )