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Heater Blend Door Actuator Replacement

I know that the automakers are in the replacment parts biz, but it’s obvious they design everything on a vehicle in order to frustrate us shadetree types into ultimately not only purchasing the needed parts and pieces, but purchasing the broken parts and pieces that inevitably happen while attempting to change the needed part or pieces.

Dilema: 1997 GMC Sierra 1500 - Attemtping to replace the heater blend door actuator. I have removed the glove box door, the lower dash panel and the dual auto charger (cigarette lighter) unit along with the dash vent directional vanes thing. I was able to get the upper left screw out, but, now here’s the “genius” of Detroit. The 2nd screw located in the lower right area of the part is completely obstructed by the fact that I can’t move the vent ductwork without futher dismantling of the dash and there is a bracket welded to the steel structure that makes up the integrity of the dash system directly in front of the screw. Not even enought room to get fingers in there. WHY WHY WHY?

Any tips and ideas? It’s awful hot in the truck this time of year with the heat on full RED full time!

Thanks in advance…Shadeless in Indiana

Sorry I dont have repair advice yet,
But just wanted to comment about what you’re discovering the hard way.

They don’t design anything to be worked on.

Every thing they do…EVERYTHING is for the benefit of the assembly line ! And to heck with those of us who have to work on them.

( there’s even one Mustang where, to change the starter, you have to pull the engine at least up a bit. It was shoe-horned in there already on the engine sub-assembly.)

It could be worse,what if this doesn’t fix it?