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2002 ford taurus,do not get any heat, new antifreeze, new thermostat, blower works but blows cold air. car was in an accident and i replaced radiator&cooling fans. please help it is cold in rochester, ny!!!

lots of things it could be. The car heat comes from a “heater core” that acts like a small radiator. (Did you hook this up when you changed the radiator?). Then there are vacuum flaps that direct the air over the heater core, and they could be malfunctioning.

Bill has it. If one of the hoses to the heater core, from the radiator, is crimped then it sill be cold. A defective hose will also do it. They can look OK from the outside by not from on the inside. However I would start by looking for some vacuum hose that is loose or disconnected. On most modern cars the heat (blend door) is controlled by vacuum.

Your heater core is probably plugged. Do a search for taurus heat. One or more of my lengthy remedy posts is sure to pop up.

Here you go. Sorry, I should have looked it up before my earlier post.