Heat/Defrost door

The door in the dash wont go to defrost. It just quit today. I assume its vacuum controlled. What do i need to do to fix it? I thought about pulling the dash vent where i can reach in there n have a look but it doesnt want to come out

92 Toyota Camry

The HVAC doors are operated by a servomotor on the left side of the HVAC unit, look above the gas pedal.

I checked all vacuum lines and found nothing. Heat blows out every port except defrost. I can here the door move…

Ok. Above the gas pedal is a box with a electric plug in with half dozen of so wires , would this be it? I could post a picture of it

I unplugged it started car and nothing changed

There is another on firewall just above and to the right of gas pedal with heavier gauge wires

The servomotor connector has 7 wires. After the servomotor is removed you can test the mechanical operation of the door linkage.

ok. sounds good. Will do and send report



I could not find access to the door so i found the linkage by sticking my head under there and hitting the buttons for floor, defrost ect. Watched everything move and wiggled things around and defrost started working. 175000 miles i would guess its getting tired but its working again so all is good. It must have just been hung up.

Thanks for the advice. I might not have found it without the help

Thanks Again