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ok i need some advice i am going to take out engine on my 85 chevy 1500 trans down to the rear axle because i just put 373 with a spool an goin ti transefer to my 95 gmc it shouldnt be a problem since nothing is computerised all mechanical but being the 95 is fuel injected how dificult is it goin to be to ger that motor going on the 85 can i just change fuel pumps i have an extra? an can i just put a hei dizzy . got 1 also except for intake got a edebrock 600 will that be all i need figure i get some insight before i get in a mess

You are putting a 95 motor in an 85 truck? Just use the carb and manifold off the 85. If you tell me you are putting the 85 engine into the 95 truck, don’t, unless you get a skilled mechanic to help you. There are pitfalls.

And get rid of the spool in the rear axle before it kills you. Spools are for drag cars not street trucks.

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lol thats forn sure . well the 85 was goin to be for the drag strip already had striped the body of excess weight an things not needed . an just put 2800 stall an i figured she could tolerate a lil more down her throat since the 750 just seemed like not enough for her it just seem to always want more but i come up on the 95 an couldnt pass it up it was a basket case in electrical an an some one didnt finish it it took me a yr to get it running it actually seem to have a mild cam its strong , but the body style an being more lighter than the other kept nudgeing me to give christine a whole diffrent concept or body sinnc my dad like s the 85 he could use it with the good
regular motor , an christine would take over a whole new way of life like a rebirth , but i would still miss her body thats what she was about souped up lil square body but the new style i like i dont wana build another motor again its takem me over 10 yrs on a small budget its a 350 stroked out 11.1 comp bored out to the limit even had to tone it down barely street gas , it was runnin on alcAhol i guess maybe i should just rebuild on the 95 i have wanted to go big block but my wife says an kill chriztine i probly should leave her alone an start fresh on a big block an then transfer it on the 95 ?

So to be clear… you want the 85 engine into the 95 truck? If you use the 95’s fuel pump, you will need a pressure regulator connected to the return line on the 95 truck. The pump will flow a lot of gas at the 6-7 psi the carb needs. Everything else will pretty much bolt right up. I can’t remember if the 95 speedo uses a cable or an encoder but the truck is so early the encoder can probably be swapped right over to the 85’s transmission. It might be off and need a new gear.

Is there some reason you will not use sentence punctuation and paragraphs so your posts are readable ?


yes ,i like the 85 ,i guess i got a wild hair some where along the line an figured why dont i swap em out . ,i got more time than money ,just thought it might be easy,or easier , but i apreciate your feed back , its nice to be able to just ask for a opinion , one more question ,i am new to all this , can i respond to every one from this or do i have to hit reply ,an go on to the next an hit rply …i just figured any one an every one would read off the same

sorry volvo, i hated english class, verbs plurals . an really should have payed attention, i just start goin , .I 'll try an remember that though , i hope this is getting better, though , thanks

Just hit the BLUE reply button, but we all see the response when you hit the grey reply button too.

Ok, Thanks ,I really do apriciate it. I almost feel like the stereo type,When people use to think of mechanics as a big tall dumb man that made alot of money, because he didnt have to know any thing else but be mechanically inclined,I’m no mechanic , nor a high school graduate, so I am far from perfect, or inocent, but i have learned alot ,every day is a learning experience, most gear heads are about getting dirty an trial an error an helping rhe next guy where you went wrong an tell the other guy about it, not try an hold back cause he might get a faster car i thought those days were gone ,I am not tryin to ofend any one or sticking my words into anothers conversation , to bs inpolite on purpose, i do this from my phone not a lap top , only reason i got on here was to ask for advice , from wht i thought were a couple of cool older guys i seen on tv that knew all about any car an always looking for more , i didnt say any thing wrong or become afended , i do some thing wrong fine tell me dont go an ban me for being a car an hot rod ethusist , an yes i spelled that wrong, an some sorrry have a good blessed an great evening .

Who were these two guys you saw on TV and when was that ? The CarTalk brothers did a radio show .

My previous employer had a 1995 GMC Sierra 1500 . . . it didn’t use a speedo cable

op’s posts are REALLY difficult to read

Talk about run-on sentences . . .

Since op brought up that he’s not a high school graduate . . . one of my former colleagues also didn’t graduate from college. But he was one of the smartest guys I ever knew. Somehow he just knew how things worked, and how to fix them.

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One of mine too… The Senior VP of sales! Briliant hard working guy!

Surf over to Hot Rod Magazine’s website and type some of those terms into their search feature. I expect you’ll get some links to previously published articles that might well prove helpful. I have to admit I don’t understand what you are trying to do exactly. I expect you are typing on a cell phone rather than a computer keyboard and that’s part of the reason why your post lacks the needed clarity. English classroom skills not required here, but clearly-worded posts are most helpful.

I didn’t even graduate from high school. Please don’t go for the easy joke and say that it’s obvious.

I had to get my GED at 43 because no one wanted a truck driver without a high school education.

I will say that I see high school and even college grads today that they would not have let out of fourth grade when I went to school because of their poor English skills.

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I suspect the guys on TV were the ones from ‘Shade Tree Mechanic’, the show changed names later on, I think it was ‘Teo Guys Garage’. They did all sorts of things. Simple repairs, rebuilding an old lawn tractor, rodding an early 50s Chevy pickup, and Building a Cobra kit car.

Speaking of education . . .

Last week, I was talking to a guy that has a bachelor’s degree, is in his late 30s, yet earns about $20/hr

I do better than that, and I’m just a blue-collar guy with no college degree

Not only that, but this college graduate earning $20/hr doesn’t make wise financial decisions, in my opinion. He’s still renting, he leases flashy cars and spends a lot of money on snazzy clothing, going out and so forth

Everybody needs to make their own decisions

I don’t really see the logic . . .

If you’re a good driver, who cares what your education level is . . . ?!

Re: English classroom teaching

When I was my local school district’s K-12 school system I thought the way they taught English language skills was pretty ineffective, and definitely inefficient. It was one hour of instruction a day, every school day, for all those years. You’d think a person could write a couple paragraphs as clearly as Steinbeck with all that instruction, but as you can easily see, I can’t. The reason imo is b/c the focus of the instruction was wrongly directed. Instead of spending hours and hours trying to understand “King Lear” , the focus should have been on practicing how to explain your own ideas clearly. Were I teaching English I’d ask each student to write a one page explanation of anything they wanted to explain, and do that each and every day. I’d pick one or two of the essays each day and go over what was good and what needed improvement with the rest of the class. While the students’ might not understand King Lear, the skills they’d learn would be what they need for the years ahead. They can go see Shakespeare’s King Lear later in life, and enjoy it then for its wisdom, interesting characters, & overall entertainment value, rather than a high-school level line by line analysis.

You’re more “fortunate” than I am . . .

We never even discussed King Lear during my education

And I didn’t read ANY of the “classics” . . . I kid you not. NONE of them

Then again, I seem to be surviving in spite of my “inadequate” education

Deregulation happened in 1980 in the trucking industry. Before that most freight was carried by unionized Class 1 common carriers who were tightly regulated by routes and rates. Every carrier had to charge exactly the same price for moving the same commodity.

The company I worked for for 17 years closed in 1983 and there was a glut of union drivers looking for union work at a declining number of carriers. Even after eliminating anyone with a recent accident or ticket, they were looking for ways to legally reduce the number of applicants they had to wade through. They could not legally discriminate against older drivers or minorities but both groups generally had less high school grads.