Heart Transplant for my hearse


I have an 89 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham commercial body…i.e. a hearse. Well I have pulled out the old worn out 307 Olds engine so that I can replace it with a rebuilt 350 Olds rocket from a 1973 Olds Omega.

All has been going well so far till this problem popped up. I can not remove the oil filler neck or the dipstick tube. They seem to be pressed in. I checked the new one for treaded holes and no dice. So how can I remove these ideas with out damaging them?


Not sure if I’m following you here.

You want to remove the dipstick and oil filler pipe from the 307 and put them in the 350?

Is their none in the 350 now?

I’ve seen some dipsticks that are simply stuck into the engine block and are secured with a (spot welded) wrap-around bracket and bolted to the engine.

The 350s I’ve seen have an oil cap screwed into the valve cover.