Heads up . . . no more "anonymity"

What’s up, guys?

It seems that @cdaquila has done what we asked.

There is no more “hiding behind the flag”

Every agree, disagree, abuse, off-topic, etc. now has a username attached to it.

I am NOT writing this to gloat.

I am merely giving everyone fair warning.

Not a problem as far as I’m concerned. :slight_smile:

I look at that the same way I look at fixing cars–if I’m afraid to put my name behind it I won’t do it in the first place.

In any case, I think it’s a good thing.

And I put anonymity in quotation marks, because we’re all using screen names. We could literally be each other’s neighbors, without even knowing it!


“We could literally be each other’s neighbors, without even knowing it!”

Always thought about that and wonder. What if we actually work at the same place, or go to the same gym. I guess it is the www age and we have to accept that we don’t “know” our “friends”.

I know there are several of us that are almost neighbors but don’t know their names.

Few people ever used the rating flags, I suspect that number will now drop to near zero, especially for any negative flags…

“We could literally be each other’s neighbors, without even knowing it!”

I doubt it. I’d never buy a house in a neighborhood that would let a guy like me live there.

OK, I’ll out myself…I’m 30 miles south of Seattle, city called University Place, just outside Tacoma, WA.

I’m about 20 miles south of Minneapolis in a city called Lakeville.

What else ya gonna call a city in a state with 100,000 lakes?


Wow, coast to coast and border to border. I’m in Atlanta, Ga, NE suburbs.

I don’t understand the obsession. Has a ranking or opinion ever stopped “you” from posting? You as in anyone. It’s a big world, someone is going to disagree with you. Does it really bother anyone THAT much they HAVE to know who it was? This is why I voiced my opinion against them in the first place. They take focus and energy away from what’s really important…

Tsk,Tsk,no more Silence Dogood(or was it Dogwood?)it sure stifles things when people cant be candid for fear of reprisal.I think anonymity is a right, a tool against dictators and the like-Kevin
( sign this one “V”)

I have spent a few minutes reviewing the “ratings”

Again, I will freely admit that I am very often a jerk

However, I very rarely actually clicked on disagree or abuse, even if felt it was justified

Yet there are people who used it very frequently against me, even when I was giving sound advice and wasn’t being a jerk

And I noticed that an overwhelmingly large percentage of my disagrees were from one single individual.

You know who you are, and the others can also check on this, if they have the inclination.

I’m a little disappointed, because there was only one big misunderstanding between us. I will admit that he didn’t like what I had to say. But, as I said, I very rarely clicked on disagree or abuse myself.

But let’s be realistic . . . the “ratings” are probably not going to disappear

And everyone now knows who flagged them . . . good or bad

Some of the flags made sense, while others were disappointing, or even out of left field

I live west of Atlanta. I think it’s a good idea knowing who did what.

While we’re at it . . . I live in Los Angeles

Those ratings bugged me at first because someone chose to whack me dozens of times in a just a few hours. Shortly, this same thing was done to a few other regulars and after that I just quit paying attention to any of it.

However, if someone is going to use a tag then let it be known. My location is in the sticks of north central Oklahoma and it’s still a Dust Bowl… :slight_smile:

I’m in Minnesota, on the other side of Minneapolis from @Tester, as it turns out (hi neighbor!).

And I stand by what I said when the ratings first appeared. Anonymous disagrees are cowardice. Disagreeing with something without explaining why is lazy cowardice.

If you disagree with something, explain why. If you disagree with me, now that I have the ability, I will be asking you why in public, if you don’t volunteer the information. :wink:

@db4690, yeah, whereabouts? I grew up in Torrance.


I live in Valley Glen (used to be Van Nuys, but they think their crap don’t stink), but I work in Atwater Village, LITERALLY right next to the LA river. Seriously, the shop is bordering the bike path next to the river. I can watch the bike riders, ducks, geese, the freeway, etc. on my lunch break.

Yeah and I’m 30 miles south of Lakeville and Tester and Shadowfax. I’m at Fleet Farm quite a bit and spent a morning at the Goodyear guys while they figured out why my car was dead. I thought they were a little high priced but was treated very well and did good work.