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Headrests for Crew Cab Truck

I have a 2002 F150 Crew Cab Truck with the King Ranch Trim. The back seat is a straight bench seat without headrests on the back. I have two young children–ages 6 and 8. They are of the age they are too big for car seats. So, if the kids ride backseat, there would be nothing between their heads and the back glass.

I’d like to have headrests back there for safety. Then I could put them in boosters. I’ve asked two dealers and they don’t know anything. I’ve looked online and at a custom truck shop. I really can’t find anything.

Any ideas on how I could keep this great, sentimental truck and keep my kids safe?

I wonder what’s in the J. C. Whitney catalog?

Recaro child seats, depending on the model, can accommodate kids up to 12 years old, 100 lbs and 59" tall. The Recaro seats are adjustable in height & width and provide head rests and side impact protection. My son (very skinny and small) is 13 now, and we used a Recaro Start until last year. The Recaro seats are not cheap, but I felt it was worth it.

There is also an available footrest to prevent dangling feet, but it is a bit awkward to place. If I had to do it again, I would just use a block of foam covered with something washable or waterproof rather than buy the footrest.