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94 Dodge Shadow intermittent headlights

the headlights stopped working on my 94 shadow. I replaced the headlight switch (on the dash, not th multi switch on the steering column) and they worked again… until I was about 15 minutes into a 30 minute drive @ 2 AM. The lights went out (headlights, dash lights, everything) and came right back on. they flickered several more times and after I move the switched, stay on for the remainder of the drive. i figured there was just a bad spot in the switch (it seemed dependnat on the dimmer position at first). it turns out that it seems to do this at thesame point in the drive every night independant of the switch position, speed, engine revs, bumps. the only thing that seems to make a difference is the time before flickering is shorter when I use my brights. I should also point out that my spedo has always stopped working @ about the same timeframe if I have the headlghts & vent fan both on… any idea what’s going on here?

It seems to me that your problem is related to the current draw. After a time, some connection heats up from the power being pulled through the connection. When you turn on the bright lights, the current flow is increased and this decreases the time before the problem occurs. The first suspect is a defective ground connection.
The second suspect is a circuit breaker in the headlight switch that is designed to open if the current draw is too heavy, but close quickly so that you aren’t left without lights. Your best bet is to get a wiring diagram and trace the path of the headlight circuit.