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Blinking Lights

2001 Dakota: With the Ignition “ON” (engine running or not)any lights that are ON blink off and on. if the Ignition switch is in the “OFF” or “accessories” positions they work normally. It can be just the dome lights, the Park lights or all of the lights. It some times takes 10 to 15 minutes for this to begin, but once it starts, it is continuous. I have checked the switches, the relays, and every connection I can find. I unplugged the connector from the dash to the chassis and it stopped. I ASSume that means it is probably not the “Central Timing Module,” otherwise the problem would continue. I don’t know what could be in that circuit that would overload the system only with the Ignition ON.

Check your engine to chassis ground wire(s). You may also have two wires from the negative terminal of your battery, one to the engine block and one to a nearby chassis ground. Check for continuity, connection and corrosion.

I have isolated the problem!! It was the “CTM” (Central Timing Module). It is located behind the drivers kick panel. This unit also controls the door locks.

Thanks for the feedback. Good job on locating the trouble.