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Headlight adjustment

I just bought a kia mini van and maybe it due to sitting up higher now then when in a car but my headlights don’t seem right. It seems like from the divers perspective that the right one is pointed down and to the left a bit while the left one is more staright ahead, my dad says it is suppose to be that way to give you more light onto the edge of the road. Is he correct or do I need to adjust my headlights?

Most lights will “kick” extra illumination to the right (or left in in England or another drive on the left side of the road country.

The do it yourself section in the owners manualfor my 02 Sonata has detailed instructions for checking/adjusting the headlights.

See if your owners manual has the same

If this is a used car it’s highly possible the headlights are not correctly aimed. I’ve had to adjust them on several used cars purchased in the past.

Check the owner’s manual (do you have an owner’s manual?) for instructions on aiming the headlights. It’s usually accomplished by turning a few aiming screws under the hood.

If you’re adjusting the headlights yourself, go easy. Adjust a little, then try it. It’s easy to adjust them too far and end up blinding oncoming drivers.

Your father is incorrect and the headlights need to be adjusted. The last time I read the statute here in OK it stated the center of the beam on each lamp should drop 1" for each 25 feet and veer to the right 1" for each 25 feet.

Dads say lots of things but I always used to have my headlights aligned on my older cars for about $3.50. It will cost more today but you will see everything the way you would with a new car.

Many people don’t like their headlights when they’re right. Level them so they are about the same. If other drivers flash high beams at you, lower them both a little.

Who’s the driver? You the driver.

If you park on level ground facing a building or wall, the high beams should be pointing level and straight ahead. If this has a single headlight on each side the low beams will take care of themselves.