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1998 Subaru Legacy: eyeballing vs measuring headlight tilt

My headlights are aiming downwards, & I know the can be adjusted by turning the adjusting screws. I’ve seen the procedure for getting them right, & it looks a little time consuming for me to do on my own. The shops I’ve called have said they could get them aimed properly in a very short amount of time just by “eye-balling” the light on a wall, but not really doing the whole “drill” of taking measurements & putting tape on a vertical wall. Do you think their methods are “good enough”?

I’ve done the “eyeball” technique on my garage door but I know where my lights hit on a dark street and I can easily go back and re-adjust until I’m happy. Unless you and they are willing to go through those motions, I’d say find a place that actually measures the lights instead of “eyeballing.”

If you can reach those adjusting screws without much trouble why not just turn each one a full turn , try it and if needed you can turn it again .