Headlights gone wild



I have a 2003 Chrysler Town and Country. One of the headlights would turn off while driving or idling. It has the automatic selection for the headlights, so I stopped using that feature and using the manual mode. That didn’t make a difference. I checked the fuse box in the engine compartment (next to the battery) but I didn’t see any headlight relay fuse. The headlights cntinue to do that and now it’s doing it on the right. Then…when I turn off the headlights manually, turn them back on again, they work and then we start all over again. Any ideas of a fuse or the sensor heating up or shorting out? Thanks!


The problem may be due to a relay or the connection at the light. I would check things using a test light probe to help pinpoint the problem.


Could be a shorted out wire.I had a 71 Maverick that had a wire on the same circuit as the headlights.It went to the tag light and would arc to the bumper and kill the lights anytime,anyplace any would scare the pa-jee-bees out of me.The headlights had a circuit breaker(no fuse on the panel behind the light switch )so it didn’t blow fuses.