Headlight on and Abs Light On

My wife driving our 2007 Nissan Murano home this morning with the headlight on lost power as in, press the gas and it barely move. Also the ABS light come on and hazards didn’t work. Shut off it and it was a slow crank but turned over. First thought was battery and alternator. Second thought was wheel bearing. Though I never quite had a battery act like this which gives me pause that it could be something I am missing.

Did the RPMs go up and the car did not accelerate?
Did the Check Engine Light come on?

The RPMs did go up and car would barely move, if at all. No check engine light.

Just guessing here. Since the ABS light came on, might be a brake not releasing at one or more wheels.

If these symptoms are related, I would start with checking battery, alternator and cables. To check if a brake is hanging up, have someone apply brake pressure with engine running in park, release brake, turn car off and try pushing the car in neutral. Or jack it up on stands and see if all wheels turn after releasing brakes. Battery and charging system should be checked regardless.

So I had the battery, alternator, and cranking volts checked at a shop not at Advance. The battery they said was good at 12.84V. Cranking Volts was 11.36V. The Alternator results was excessive ripple. No load 13.31V and Load 12.84V. The belt needs replacing also. So it would be like a $550 job. I had cleaned the postive post and clamp earlier today it had some white corrosion on it.

An alternator reading of 13.3 volts unloaded is bottom of scale. 12.8 loaded is definately low. A belt, bad alternator or bad cables can cause this