Headlight Care

99 Accord what products are good for keeping my headlights looking nice and clear and new like they do now? I heard Plexus is good but what else is out there in case I can’t find it?

Today I just used glass cleaner to clean off the “winter” dirt but I want them to look just as good in 2019! Thanks.



I understand there is a plastic stick on cover for them that may help reduce the aging process. Other than that, nothing is really going to protect those plastic lenses on your car from the rocks, sand dirt and sunlight that will turn them frosty and yellow.

Unless the damage is really bad, you can clean and polish the lenses a number of different ways including very fin sand paper, tooth past, convertible rear window polish and headlight lens polish. 

 All this is due to the regulators relenting to Detroit's demands that they be allowed to put style ahead of function on something as important as your headlights.  The old cheap glass light assemblies that replaced the glass and the lamp all at one time, requiring only a few dollars and a screwdriver to change out and you got a new lens every time.  

 Watch for a new thread on my rant about headlights.

Here’s a 3M product that restores yellowed and hazy headlight lenses. At the bottom of the page you’ll see 3M’s plastic polish. This product keeps the headlights looking like new.


Thanks tester!

I would use nothing other than glass cleaner until you start to see some problems, then use Tester’s recommendation. You don’t want to create a problem by using anying abrasive prematurely.