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Headlight angle

I have a new truck which has those headlights that have a sharp cut-off on top. It seems as though they point too far down, as when I approach an intersection, I only get fleeting glances at the stop sign till I am only about 100’ away, and then they are fully illuminated. I brought it in to the dealer to have them adjusted, only to be told that they are within spec, and so they would not adjust them higher, else it would be as if I were driving with high beams on to other drivers. Is it normal for headlamps of this type to be pointing at such a downward angle? What is the “range” of headlight angle “specs”, and how can I adjust the angle if there are no visible adjustment screws?

I suggest taking your vehicle to a mechanic who can check your headlight alignment. The days of simple adjustments are over. The mechanic should have the proper equipment to align your headlights properly. You could also go down to the dealership and drive a new Tacoma at night to see if the headlights look any better.

The do it yourself section in the owners manual for my wifes 02 Sonata includes detailed insructions for aiming the headlights.

Not likely, but your owners manual might also include this.