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2017 Honda Accord - low beams are aimed too low

2017 Honda Accord…Low beam lights aim to Low to the ground restricting distance of vision of about 2 car lengths… Going down mountains & hills is VERY DANGEROUS! There is a straight line from light to TOTAL DARKNESS. You HAVE to drive EXTREMELY SLOW because NO LIGHT shines past 2 car lengths. Because we couldn’t see the road we had to suddenly slam on our brakes, SUDDENLY we’re at the edge of a cliff. Took car in Honda said they couldn’t fix it! WHAT! I’m surprised at Honda! I hope this DANGEROUS DEFECT is fixed BEFORE there is a lose of lives ! How can a rational thinking person not notice this DEFECT? HONDA Please fix this Issue! ANY ideas on fixing this would be helpful!

Seems to be a common complaint for many vehicles, not limited to Honda.
About all you can do is use your high beams being mindful to quickly switch to low beams when you see oncoming traffic.
A friend of mine lives in a development with a lot of death circles, AKA round-abouts, I find I need my high beams in this area.
One alternative, if your state allows it, is to add auxiliary lights, but they must be aimed correctly in order to not blind oncoming traffic.

Because the dealership refuses to correct this, just take it to any independent mechanic and ask them to adjust the lights.



Our headlights were pushed down after our light accident. Had to use hi beams for awhile. Was behind cop at stop sign and he lingered for 30 sec or so and I figured he was eyeballing our mis aimed lights. He finally moved.

i learned something new. I thought they were fixed in place. But just watched a YouTube on adjusting lights on a Civic, pretty simple.

It seems that someone has been driving the vehicle this way for 2 years, did you just buy this car?

There are some customers that complain about their headlight performance but if they are aimed to specification there isn’t much that can be done about it.

When a road ends at a cliff it sound like you are driving on an unimproved road or off-road driving. Automotive headlights don’t work well with extreme hills and drop offs, the headlights shine on the base of the hill you intend to drive up and you can’t see where the road leads to, when you reach the top of the hill the headlights illuminate the sky and not the descent of the road.


Lots of variability in headlight performance. Here’s something recent from the IIHS:

Seems it just takes a Phillips screw driver to adjust. Perhaps yours are already adjusted to specifications.
After your post, I observed my headlight pattern, maybe three car lengths.
But as we were taught in driver-Ed, don’t over drive your headlights.

I first encountered this on my 2012 ody. I recall it was very strange and unsettling at first. It’s not a defect, it’s that way by design to minimize blinding oncoming traffic. This is one of those things you appreciate on other cars but not the one you’re driving :wink:

I also have a 2017 Accord, and I don’t find it that bad. I use my brights when possible, but I have more than 2 car lengths ahead illuminated. We have a lot of deer in my area, and using brights lights up the area ahead
more and also the areas to the left and right. If you haven’t already, ask the dealer to reaim the headlights. This should be a warranty issue.

I’m not particularly fond of those sharp cut-off style headlights found on new cars either. While nobody asked us car owners whether we wanted the headlight pattern changed, a change in the pattern is what we got now. Go figure.

From what I can determine, the headlights on a 17 Accord (on low beam, car on level surface, shining on a vertical wall 26 feet away) should illuminate just barely to the same height as the height of the center of the headlight on the car. Make sure this is done the way the car is normally loaded, with you in the drivers seat and nothing unusually heavy in the back seat or the trunk. If the headlights are aimed with nobody in the drivers seat they’ll probably be aimed too low with a driver there. Maybe that’s the problem. The pattern you’ll see on the wall won’t be a straight line, it will be lower on the left, then step to the height mentioned above about 1/4 of the wall across, and keep that height as observed to the right. If the pattern looks too low or high you can figure out which headlight is causing the problem by blocking one or the other off with a piece of cardboard temporarily. It doesn’t appear possible to adjust left/right, only up down. And the high beam adjustment is fixed to the lo-beam. Just to make things interesting, the method to adjust depends on whether the vehicle is a 2 or 4 door, and whether it is an LED bulb or not.