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does anyone know where i can find headers to fit in a stock 55 ford fairlane? 272 v8



If J.C. Whitney is still in business, I would suggest that you give them a try.

I just bought some replacement horns from them yesterday. Also try Jegs and Summit.

Also try the Hooker Header website.

Without porting and possibly a new cam I don’t know how much headers will help. OK4450 knows as much about this stuff as just about anybody here. OK?

Have you tried They deal in a lot of classic car parts

my friend has a 1958 olds and I,am the wrench try we got parts from them. 800-526-1096

Took a look at my old engine book and it shows almost identical casting numbers on the engine blocks, cylinder heads, and exhaust manifolds. This means that one set of headers should fit them all since they seem to come from the same engine family. A look at this seemed to verify it.

One thing I will advise is NEVER use a set of Flowtech headers (division of Holley). I’ve been involved with a couple of sets of these things and would only recommend them if you like lousy welds, warped cylinder head flanges, and a generally crummy fit.

A friend warned me away from Flowtech too so that’s two people now.

My advise, ceramic coating is a must. I have several sets coated by Jet Hot and they look as good as the day they arrived. One set was rusted when I sent them in and they’re now 10+ years in service.

If they say don’t use a gasket, don’t.

I like locking bolts. Set and forget. Have several sets of Stage 8 locking hardware and they get attention once and that’s it. No more pesky exhaust leaks.